Dairy Goats 

Got REAL Soap?

Every batch of our soap begins with creamy milk milked into stainless steel buckets from our happy dairy goats. When mixed with the perfect blend of natural vegetable oils and alkali salts it becomes luxurious soap with rich lather that is your skin's best friend!

Goat milk soap is popular for sensitive skin and those with allergies to other soaps. Many believe it is the best soap for their dry skin. Our ingredients include olive oil, organic coconut oil, rice bran oil, organic (& sustainable) palm oil, organic sunflower oil and other great skin care oils & butters. Besides fresh goat milk, our soaps may also contain coconut milk, aloe vera juice, and tea infusions. Oatmeal, cranberry or poppy seeds, spa clays or sea salts may also be used to further enrich our soaps.

Glycerin- well known for it's skin nourishing properties- is created naturally in the soap making process. Unlike commercial soap manufacturers, who remove all or most of the glycerin from their soap to sell for other products, we never take the glycerin out of our soap! It is left in to benefit your skin.

Our soap bars are long lasting and regular bars are at least 3.5 oz.. Snippet bars weigh a minimum of 2 oz. Each batch is cured and tested before being offered for sale

Fragrant Soap Varieties Include:
  • 'Bee' My Honey 
  • Berry Patch
  • Island Time
  • Vanilla & Mint
  • Dragons Blood
  • Wild Violet
  • Black Pepper
  • Citrus Blast
  • Rose Revel

No Fragrance Added Soap Varieties Include:

  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey 
  • Simple Shea
  • Simple Milk & Honey
  • Simple Calendula

Essential Oil Soap Varieties Include:

  • Italian Sunrise
  • Spearmint-Eucalyptus
  • Lavender Lavender
  • Still Waters
  • Gone Hunting
  • Carrot, Shea & Lemon 


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