Dairy Goats 

Senior Nubian Does:

Thank you for taking a look at our ladies. Any available appraisal scores, milk records, and health information is on each doe's page, as well as breeding information and pictures. These are our currently active breeding does:

SG Aja-Sammati Eleanor Rigby

Sire: *B Aja-Sammati Pita Maha

Dam: C/REM Penny Lane Myrtle *M

LA: 05-03 87 VEEV

More about "Eleanor"

Aja-Sammati Bullfinch

Sire: *B Reuel Zephyr's EXP Zachariah

Dam: C/REM Constance Got The Works *M

LA: 06-05 90 EEEV

More about "Finchy"


Aja-Sammati Delia

Sire: *+B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure

Dam: SG C/REM Maybellene 2*M 

LA: 06-03 84 VVE+ 

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Aja-Sammati Temperance

Sire: *B Reuel Zina's EXP Tyco

Dam: Aja-Sammati Annabelle Abbazaba 

LA: 06-05 875 VEEV

More about "Tempe"


Aja-Sammati Lady Magdalene

Sire: *B Pella's Triple C Be Awesome

Dam: SG C/REM Merry's Shiyloh 2*M 

LA: 05-05 89 VVEV 

More about "Maggie"

Aja-Sammati Kalinka

Sire: Pruittville's Epoch Legacy

Dam: SG Aja-Sammati Sonya Arrogateus 

LA: 04-05 84 +VV+

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Aja-Sammati Beer & Skittles

Sire: Pruittville's Next Crusade

Dam: SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M 

LA: 04-02 88 VEVV

More about "Skittles"

Aja-Sammati Shalom

Sire: *B Kastdemur's Ghengis Khan

Dam: SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M 

LA: 03-05 85 VVV+

More about "Shalom"


T-Forged Paprika

Sire: Azazel Isaac

Dam: Aja-Sammati Rodan

LA: 02-03 85 +VVV

More about "Red"

Aja-Sammati Karaminskaya

Sire: *B Aja-Sammati Pita Maha

Dam: Aja-Sammati Kalinka 


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Aja-Sammati 1 Girl Revolution

Sire: *B Aja-Sammati Pita Maha

Dam: SG Pella's Triple C Lady Liberty


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