Dairy Goats 

Aja-Sammati Bullfinch

DOB: 03/12/2008-03/10/2018

G6S Status: Normal

Linear Appraisal:

  • 06-05 90 EEEV


Sire: *B Reuel Zephyr's EXP Zachariah

Dam: SG C/REM Constance Got the Works

Bullfinch returned to us after many years working in the herd of one of our friends. She was a big doe with a big work ethic, easily popping out big babies and making plenty of milk.  We admired her clean, correct legs, elegant carriage and very correct head and ears as well as her productive mammary and tremendous depth of body. Her unexpected loss left a hole in our hearts.

SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M

12/25/2000 to 2015

Linear Appraisal:

  • 08-06 88 V+EE


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Patriot

Dam: SGCH Pella's Triple C Aurora *M (04-02 89 VVEE)

SG Pella's Triple C Lady Liberty

03/11/2007 to 03/25/2014

Linear Appraisal:

  • 01-04 79 AVA+
  • 05-02 88 VVEE


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Patriot

Dam: SGCH Pella's Triple C Aurora *M (04-02 89 VVEE)

Libby was a very special addition to our herd in late 2011. Though she ws not the flashy, show doe but instead was a bit of a homebody that preferred Phoebe to spend hours scratching her shoulders. Libby was stylish, upstanding, and had lots of body capacity. She had very productive mammary, with balance and a strong medial. A special thanks to Courtney Gunn of Azazel Nubians for allowing Libby to come live with us- she was much loved here.

SG C/REM Merry's Shiyloh 2*M

03/18/2004 to 02/27/2011

Linear Appraisal:

  • 02-02 85 VE++ (2 days fresh)
  • 03-02 87 VEVV
  • 04-04 88 VEEV
  • 05-06 91 EEEE

G6S Status: Carrier (by offspring)

Sire:  SGCH Cam's-Menagerie Breakaway Pan +B (07-08 88 EEV)
Dam: SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M  (08-06 88 V+EE)

Shiyloh had a nicely shaped, capacious udder with a strong fore. As a first freshener she was an excellent milker, but was still too gawky, and she spent a few weeks on the sales list, since we already had a full sister. Since she was shining as a milker, we decided to keep her and boy are we glad we did! We were told she was the "right kind of doe" once, and as we watched her get smoother, wider & deeper, we had to agree. Like her full sister Babe, she kept getting better with age. She was a long, deep doe & very smooth doe with a real working attitude.

She was Grand Champion and Best-Doe-In-Show in the 4-H Division at the Shasta County Fair in 2008. We are proud that she was chosen 2008 INBA Reserve All American 4 Year-Old. Shiyloh's unexpected death in 2011 created a hole in our herd, with almost no offspring to fill the gap caused by her loss. Shiyloh is greatly missed 


  • 03-00   353   2080   96   74
  • 04-00   262   1900   91   69
  • 05-00   240   1480   59   54
SG Aja-Sammati JB Grand Sophy 3*M

Sire: 2-G Farm Jeremiah

Dam: SG C/REM PM You 'N' Me Baby 2*M 

Linear Appraisal: 07-06 91 EEEE 2013

2009 Top Ten: #2 for production, #3 for butterfat, and #7 for protein.


  • 2-00  271  2640  4.2 112  3.3  86
  • 3-00  284  3740  4.5 170  3.3  125
  • 3-11  305  3790  5.0 190  3.3  126 
  LIFE      904 10,490  4.7 493  3.4  352


C/REM LE Evela Dawn *M

Linear Appraisal:

  • 03-04 NIC
  • 04-04 VVEV 88 (stale)
  • 06-08 EEEV 90

Evela is an angular, long-bodied, long-boned doe with very good breed character and excellent depth of body. We would like her to have a better teat shape and slightly wider rump, but she has a high escutcheon, is long from hips to pins, and has a productive udder that milks down well. Evela is now retired, but produced a lasting legacy in our herd through Maybellene (daughter) and Dark Sunshine (granddaughter).


  • 05-02 293 1380 60 46
  • 06-02 271 1650 61 54


Sire: GCH Lakeshore-Farms Blue Light'N +B

Dam: Bailie's K&Genesis Marbled Eve AI

Notable Offspring:

  • 2005- SG C/REM Maybellene *M (04-06 90 VEEE)

Family Pictures:

Left: Side udder, daughter Maybellene (third freshening)

Middle: Side udder, daughter Zorina (first freshening)

Bailie's K&Genesis Marbled Eve AI

Sire: Faith-Farm AG Genesis

Dam: Bailie's MSS Karen by Night (LA: 02-02 85 VV+V)

12/14/2000- June 2007


Bailie's MSS Krisco Kisses

LA: 02-02 86 VV+V


Sire: Foxwood MacCayla's Sure Shot

Dam: Bailie's VJ Katy Kool Lady

Daughter: Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas