Dairy Goats 

Herd Sires

We take great care in selecting our herd sires. Though a truly great buck can improve his daughters in many ways, we believe that realistically no buck is a 'magic wand' that can pass on every improvement needed to his offspring from every doe. Every buck we use is here for a purpose, and has been chosen specifically to improve or add traits that meet the goals of our breeding program. We use both linebreeding and outcrossing to achieve these goals.

Our bucks are available for service to outside does, as long as the does have a negative CAE/CL test dated within 30 days prior to service. Our fees are very reasonable, starting at $35 for 4-H members.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our boys.

Senior Herd Sires

Junior Nubian Sires

La Mancha Sire

Reference Sires