Dairy Goats 

Our G6S Policy

We really had no idea until the fall of 2014 that we had G6S in our herd. While we are willing to work with G6S genetics, we respect those that do not want that challenge in their breeding plans. After much thought we have developed the following G6S management plan for our herd, starting January 1, 2016:

  • We will practice G6S transparency to the best of our ability. If we know the G6S status of animals owned in our herd, it will be available on our website, on www.g6sdata.org, or by direct request through email or phone.
  • No G6S carrier bucks will be sold. 
  • ALL buck kids sold as breeding animals,  regardless of parental status or breed, will be G6S tested and DNA typed at our expense.
  • Doe kids from carrier to carrier or carrier to unknown status breedings will be G6S tested at our expense. Affected kids will enter the food chain or be euthanized. Buyers will be given the option to refuse reserved G6S carrier doe kids by transferring their deposit to a G6S normal kid or receiving a refund of their deposit.
  • Doe kids from breedings between carrier to G6S normal animals will only be tested at buyer request. Buyers will be given the option to refuse reserved G6S carrier doe kids by transferring their deposit to a G6S normal kid or receiving a refund of their deposit.
  • Hair samples will be collected form all untested doe kids. These samples will be labeled and stored by us for future use. We may submit these samples for testing and publication at any future date.
  • Our G6S testing lab of choice is VGIL at UC Davis, using the ADGA program. We will test at TVMDL in TX at buyer expense.
  • We will offer G6S testing at our expense when possible to bucks that we have sold in the past, and may offer assistance on doe testing as well. In addition, we will pay to test bucks that we view important in our herd history or to the breed if semen or hair samples are provided to us for that purpose.

Going forward we eventually hope to have every animal in our herd tested. Though it would be nice if the whole herd was eventually G6S normal, that is not one of our goals at this time. With only a few animals tested so far we have learned that  we have had G6S carriers from our very first 'serious' Nubians,  and we have made the decision to not throw away the genetics that have worked for us. G6S status will only be a culling tool for us as a tie breaker between animals that are otherwise equal.

G6S Status of past & present herd:

This is in no way an exhaustive list. It includes animals that are currently in our herd, have been tested by their owners and reported to us, or in the case of the suspect animals, have been logically deduced from animals listed at www.g6sdata.org, though the last case ONLY if we owned the suspect animal at some time. Obviously we have plenty of testing left to do- and animals will be moved to the correct list as their status is learned. 

We are very excited to have more testing options come available in 2015. Blood testing rates have been lowered at TVMDL as of September 1, 2015, and hair sample testing is now available through UC Davis at $50 with a reduced rate of $25 for ADGA members or $20 for ADGA PLUS members.


Known Carriers:

SGCH +B Cam's-Menagerie Breakaway Pan

SG C/REM PM You 'N' Me Baby 2*M

SG C/REM Merry's Shiyloh 2*M

SG C/REM Maybellene *M

SG C/REM Constance Got the Works *M
*B Aja-Sammati Pita Maha
*B Aja-Sammati Monserrat

*B Aja-Sammati Delirious Love

*B Aja-Sammati Tavanipupu

Aja-Sammati M Yellow Submarine

SG Aja-Sammati Eleanor Rigby

Aja-Sammati Lady Magdalene

Aja-Sammati Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Aja-Sammati CE Prudence

Circle B Nubians Blue Adrenlyn

Aja-Sammati Selah

Aja-Sammati Sanaa

Aja-Sammati KS Creedence

Aja-Sammati AZ Amelia

Aja-Sammati Temperance 

Known Normal:

*B Reuel Zina's EXP Tyco

2-G Farm ES Nonesuch

*B Reuel Kona's AU Kopi

*B Aja-Sammati Reggae Strut

SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M

SG Aja-Sammati JB Grand Sophy 3*M

SGCH Aja-Sammati Psyche

Aja-Sammati Bullfinch

Aja-Sammati Kalinka

Aja-Sammati Beer & Skittles

Tecosa CK Corduroy

Tecosa Play It Forward

Aja-Sammati Jammy Jack

Aja-Sammati TARDIS

Aja-Sammati Time For a Change

SG Aja-Sammati Shangdu 2*M

Aja-sammati Chelsea Morning

Aja-Sammati Last Picasso

Aja-Sammati Good to Be Alive

Known Normal:

*B Wilkins Farm RW Night Moves

*B Wilkins Farm Against the Wind

Aja-Sammati ATW Tegan

Branicur Emily

Branicur AJ Twilight Venus

Wingwood Farm Lucky Mario

Aja-Sammati Rhea

Branicur AJ Elle Mer

Azazel Isaac

Aja-Sammati Chelsea Morning

Aja-Sammati Final Affair

Aja-Sammati TÍr na nÓg

Aja-Sammati Count On Me

Aja-Sammati Grenade

Aja-Sammati EMG Boom

Branicur Quo Pro Bono


Unknown Status Nubians:

SG C/REM Ramona Forever *M

SG C/REM LB Shauna-Tilly Lace 2*M

C/REM Panny Lane Myrtle *M

Aja-Sammati Delia

Aja-Sammati Shambhala (prob. normal)

Aja-Sammati Tallulah

Unknown Status Nubians:

Aja-Sammati Shalom

Aja-Sammati Mambo No. 5

SGCH Aja-Sammati Dark Sunshine *M

Aja-Sammati Black Betty

Aja-Sammati Karaminskaya 

Aja-Sammati 1 Girl Revolution

Aja-Sammati Twist & Shout

Aja-Sammati Sweet Gypsy Rosa

Aja-Sammati NMM Rummy

Unknown Status Grades/Experimentals:

Azazel Rhythm's Melody

Azazel Rhythm's Harmony

Aja-Sammati Bravada

Aja-Sammati Disco

Aja-Sammati Encore

Aja-Sammati Monopoly