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We extend gracious thanks to our customers! Whether it is purchase of animals for the show ring, brood does, a gentle family milker, a herd sire, or a pack wether we value every customer that chooses to add an Aja-Sammati animal to their herd.

Doe Kids

Breeding season has begun! Available doe kids are below, or see the Breeding Plans page for reservation information on future kids.

Corkscrew COMBS Beer Goggles (pending)
DOB:  03/01/2018
G6S Normlk by Parentage
Sire: Aja-Sammati Count On Me
Dam: Aja-Sammati Beer & Skittles

Aja-Sammati S

Lots of proven, steady milk production in this pedigree. This kid is a favorite that everyone wants to keep but we must keep our numbers down! Wide, correct, lots of dairy strength, and beautiful ears. $500

Milkers & Dry Yearlings

Milker prices vary, and start at $350. We have unplanned herd reductions this year due to college & work demands.

Corkscrew COMC Counting Coup
Nubian Dry yearling-
DOB:  03/28/2017
Sire: Aja-Sammati Count On me
Dam: Aja-Sammati Charisma

Coup is a growthy, extremely correct and stylish doe who will be shown as a dry yearling. Her escutcheon is amazingly wide and open. $500

Corkscrew Girl in Paris
LM Dry Yearling-

DOB 02/27/2017
A very correct & sweet dry yearling. Her dam, Punch, is an excellent milker with a persistent lactation, appraised 88 E+VV @ 02-01 as a FF, was one time CH in 2017. $450

Corkscrew DLTV Callista
Nubian Dry Yearling-

DOB 04/19/2017
A stylish and extremely easy going yearling. Her dam, Venus, is a beautiful doe with a very correct mammary- Venus appraised 90 V+EE @ 04-02. $350


Looking for a wether for a pet, packing, friendly brush eater or to feed out for your bbq? We will have wethers available in Janurary- starting at $20 each. There has been a long waiting list in the past, get your name in early!


We sell very few buck kids every year- only out of does that have appraised over 88, or that we believe will appraise that well, and that we would be willing to keep for our own herd. Every buck kid we offer for sale is DNA typed and tested for g-6-s, regardless of breed or parent status- that way you are assured of the normal status of your purchase. Very rarely do we offer buck kids from first fresheners. We only sell bucks that we truly believe will improve the breed.

We will have a very small number of g6s normal buck kids available with no papers for homesteaders starting in March. Normal by parentage bucks will be $50 at one week old, tested g6s normal kids will be available at 2-3 weeks old for $75-100. 

*B Wilkins Farm RW Night Moves
DOB 02/11/2014
G6S Normal by Parentage

If you like Top Ten milk genetics and excellent appraisal records and you don't mind horns, Seger is the buck for you! He is big, gentle, handsome, and correct- but he does have out of control scurs. The daughter we freshened last year was a very impressive yearling milker, and we will be freshening a few more daughters this year and next spring. I have him in the tank and I need to cut back on bucks (though I love them!!) Available after our May 7 appraisal. $500

Dam TT in butterfat & 90 EEEE @ 05-06, one maternal 1/2 sister was TT in butterfat & 92 EVEE @ 05-02, another maternal 1/2 sister was 90 VEEE @ 05-07, full sister appraised 90 VEEE @ 04-07

Corkscrew EMM ?
DOB 05/27/2017
G6S Normal by Parentage

Certainly a pedigree to look at and a dam with probably one of the best Nubian udders I have ever seen.

Sire's dam SGCH & appraised 91 EEEE @ 06-02. His full sister is SGCH, was CA State Fair Champion in 2015, and appraised 92 EEEE @ 05-03.
Dam has peaked at close to 14 lbs, but not on test. Super easy to milk, stunning fore udder, excellent attachment. Martina appraised 92 EEEE @ 06-04. She is a stunning doe. $500

Aja-Sammati EMCM ?
DOB 06/03/2017
G6S Normal by Parentage

Extremely promising correct and wide young buck kid. An outcross pedigree, but very strong on type and plenty of names you know.
Sire's dam SGCH & appraised 91 EEEE @ 06-02. His full sister is SGCH, was CA State Fair Champion in 2015, and appraised 92 EEEE @ 05-03.

Dam is a very nice yong doe with a stunning fore udder and excellent attachment. Chelsea appraised 87 V+VV @ 02-01. We like her so much weare offering her buck kid- those that know us will know how much that means. $400

DOB 03/05/2018
G6S Normal by Parentage

This pedigree has milk! This is an outcross breeding, but very correct in type and style (he looks just like one of our goats ;-) ) The sire's dam was a huge doe with a very high and extremely wide rear udder and a beautiful fore udder. His littermate sister is big, very stylish, has a very nicely shaped, well attached udder, and milks very well.

The dam, Skittles, is a very correct and stylish, deep bodied doe, with a lovely rear udder and super easy to milk, correct teats. She has a real heart to milk and a level lactation like her dam. $500

Aja-Sammati TCM ?
DOB 03/06/2018
G6S Normal by Parentage

We like Chelsea so much we are not hesitating to offer her 2018 buck kid, also! A very nice yong doe with a stunning fore udder and excellent attachment. Chelsea appraised 87 V+VV @ 02-01.

Tyco appraised 90 VEE @ 04-05 and still settled every doe we gave him at 9 yo. His daughters are very productive and structurally correct and also have plenty of longevity, Aja-Sammati Temperance is milking almost 11 lbs a day as a 9 yo this year. $400