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January Surprises!

Posted on January 9, 2016 at 8:25 PM


When *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Mario came to us for lease last fall, he went into a pen with his former herdmate, *B Tecosa Play It Forward. That turned out to become challenge for both of them to figure out how to jump the fence to get into the doe pen for a couple hours of chaos. (We now have a pen with an 8 ft high fence that my husband calls Jurassic Park for bucks that practice parkour!) We thought that only Temperance and maybe Harmony had been in season that day...how wrong we were!

First Disco started slacking in milk production, but we had not seen her cycle so she hadn't been exposed to a buck (so we thought). On a whim, Rebah put her hand flat on her belly one night and got a good WHAM of a kick! Oops! We dried Disco up immediately, about three weeks from her due date from the Great Buck Break-In! Then in the last couple of weeks we have noticed some interesting behavior in some of our older does. The oldest members of the herd have enough experience under their belts to know when they should start coming out to be lead fed, and the standoffish ones tend to get very friendly as they get close to kidding. About the same time we dried Disco off, Constance came to the gate at milking time and asked to come out for grain, as well as wanting to be scratched.


Constance hasn't kidded since...well, I had to look it up it was so long ago! She hasn't kidded since 2011, and ultrasounds after that year showed a thickened uterus, so our vet believed she would never settle again. Rebah felt her belly and was sure she got a kick- the vet just left from doing ultrasounds today and sure enough, Connie will be kidding in the next week or so! Feeling these kicks really got us casting our eyes at does that we haven't seen cycle this year. We knew that Temperance was bred when she stopped milking fairly early and started looking like a blimp, but who else had succumbed to Rio & Kev's charms?

Azazel Harmony, who hadn't kidded since November of 2012 was thrown in with *B Wingwood Farm AMI Tumult after being exposed to the bucks during the break-in to keep him from also going through the fence is bred (who's your daddy on those!) We have exposed her year after year, even leaving her living with a buck for moths at a time without having her settle, but this year she is back in the routine!


Shalom, who dried herself up and was being called a slacker, but wasn't exposed (on purpose at least!) is BRED.


And the biggest surprise of all- Shangdu! She was very sick with an autoimmune health issue this year, so when she didn't cycle, I thought nothing of it, I figured she had become sterile. I was certainly sad, since I had lost Bruno in the horrible kid deaths in July, and resigned to Dudu just being a big pet for the rest of her life... now I am excited to have at least one more kid coming, be it buck or doe!


By the way- don't expect me to be coherent or available in January- I have never had 9 does kidding in a two day period before! Some were bred on purpose- Rev, Radar, & Bullfince to Kev, but Shalom, Disco, Temperance, Shangdu, Constance, & Harmony are surprises for us!

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