Dairy Goats 

Just a little farming to take up all of our time...

Aja-Sammati Farm is a small family farm in the foothills of Northern California, near beautiful Mount Lassen. We raise purebred and grade Nubian & La Mancha dairy goats, make handcrafted goat milk soap, raise free range poultry, and grow heirloom vegetables. 

Our family has deep roots in the rural, agricultural area of Tehama County, California. My grandparents, Paul & Mary Louise, purchased 18 acres on The Bend near Red Bluff, CA, and in 1958 moved their growing family there from Spokane, WA. My mother grew up working on the family farm there- an orchard, 4-H projects, a hay field, chickens, and a couple of milk cows. As a child every vacation was spent at the orchard- helping out, exploring, and eating all the fresh fruit I could hold. While I grew up mostly in San Diego (my father was career Navy) my heart was in northern California, below Mt. Lassen, the crisp summer air rich with the smell of oak and dry grass.

We raise goats with production and improving breed quality in mind. We love the fun-loving and often comical personalities of goats, but we also expect them to be productive parts of a family farm. Our does make excellent family milkers and 4-H projects, and also hold their own in open shows. We expect all of our does to provide us with wholesome, fresh milk for at least 305 days- 10 full months. Some of them would happily milk longer if we let them. We use our milk for drinking, cooking, cheesemaking, and of course as the most important ingredient in our handcrafted soap.

Goat Harmony Soap is handcrafted in small batches, using the most wholesome ingredients we can find. Each bar starts with one of us milking a goat- no powdered goat milk is used here! Our soap gives you a  luxurious, lathery bathing experience that cleans your skin while never being harsh or unnatural. We also source our supplies  as much as possible from small businesses, especially those which are family run and local, with an emphasis on USA produced ingredients.

We also grow produce using our own composted soil and as few chemicals as possible. We are believers in 'slow food'- food that is bought from the farmer that grows it, in season. We will never seek to be certified organic, even though we choose to use a chemical-free production style. As much as possible we practice sustainable farming methods, such as using the goat bedding to mulch the garden and make rich compost, or feeding the chickens the whey leftover from cheesemaking. Farmers are the unappreciated backbone of America- we try to always choose local farmers over farming corporations. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit!