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Reference Nubians


SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M

12/25/2000 to 2015

Linear Appraisal:

  • 08-06 88 V+EE


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Patriot

Dam: SGCH Pella's Triple C Aurora *M (04-02 89 VVEE)

SG Pella's Triple C Lady Liberty

03/11/2007 to 03/25/2014

Linear Appraisal:

  • 01-04 79 AVA+
  • 05-02 88 VVEE


Sire: *B Kastdemur's Patriot

Dam: SGCH Pella's Triple C Aurora *M (04-02 89 VVEE)

Libby was a very special addition to our herd in late 2011. Though she ws not the flashy, show doe but instead was a bit of a homebody that preferred Phoebe to spend hours scratching her shoulders. Libby was stylish, upstanding, and had lots of body capacity. She had very productive mammary, with balance and a strong medial. A special thanks to Courtney Gunn of Azazel Nubians for allowing Libby to come live with us- she was much loved here.

SG C/REM Merry's Shiyloh 2*M

03/18/2004 to 02/27/2011

Linear Appraisal:

  • 02-02 85 VE++ (2 days fresh)
  • 03-02 87 VEVV
  • 04-04 88 VEEV
  • 05-06 91 EEEE

G6S Status: Carrier (by offspring)

Sire:  SGCH Cam's-Menagerie Breakaway Pan +B (07-08 88 EEV)
Dam: SG Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas *M  (08-06 88 V+EE)

Shiyloh had a nicely shaped, capacious udder with a strong fore. As a first freshener she was an excellent milker, but was still too gawky, and she spent a few weeks on the sales list, since we already had a full sister. Since she was shining as a milker, we decided to keep her and boy are we glad we did! We were told she was the "right kind of doe" once, and as we watched her get smoother, wider & deeper, we had to agree. Like her full sister Babe, she kept getting better with age. She was a long, deep doe & very smooth doe with a real working attitude.

She was Grand Champion and Best-Doe-In-Show in the 4-H Division at the Shasta County Fair in 2008. We are proud that she was chosen 2008 INBA Reserve All American 4 Year-Old. Shiyloh's unexpected death in 2011 created a hole in our herd, with almost no offspring to fill the gap caused by her loss. Shiyloh is greatly missed 


  • 03-00   353   2080   96   74
  • 04-00   262   1900   91   69
  • 05-00   240   1480   59   54
SG Aja-Sammati JB Grand Sophy 3*M

Sire: 2-G Farm Jeremiah

Dam: SG C/REM PM You 'N' Me Baby 2*M 

Linear Appraisal: 07-06 91 EEEE 2013

2009 Top Ten: #2 for production, #3 for butterfat, and #7 for protein.


  • 2-00  271  2640  4.2 112  3.3  86
  • 3-00  284  3740  4.5 170  3.3  125
  • 3-11  305  3790  5.0 190  3.3  126 
  LIFE      904 10,490  4.7 493  3.4  352


C/REM LE Evela Dawn *M

Linear Appraisal:

  • 03-04 NIC
  • 04-04 VVEV 88 (stale)
  • 06-08 EEEV 90

Evela is an angular, long-bodied, long-boned doe with very good breed character and excellent depth of body. We would like her to have a better teat shape and slightly wider rump, but she has a high escutcheon, is long from hips to pins, and has a productive udder that milks down well. Evela is now retired, but produced a lasting legacy in our herd through Maybellene (daughter) and Dark Sunshine (granddaughter).


  • 05-02 293 1380 60 46
  • 06-02 271 1650 61 54


Sire: GCH Lakeshore-Farms Blue Light'N +B

Dam: Bailie's K&Genesis Marbled Eve AI

Notable Offspring:

  • 2005- SG C/REM Maybellene *M (04-06 90 VEEE)

Family Pictures:

Left: Side udder, daughter Maybellene (third freshening)

Middle: Side udder, daughter Zorina (first freshening)

Bailie's K&Genesis Marbled Eve AI

Sire: Faith-Farm AG Genesis

Dam: Bailie's MSS Karen by Night (LA: 02-02 85 VV+V)

12/14/2000- June 2007


Bailie's MSS Krisco Kisses

LA: 02-02 86 VV+V


Sire: Foxwood MacCayla's Sure Shot

Dam: Bailie's VJ Katy Kool Lady

Daughter: Bailie's R&K's Merry Christmas